Installing the Equipment

Installing the Equipment

How do I install my device?

The treatment system consists of a mask, a tube, the treatment equipment and the humidifier.

Look at the treatment system to see if you can identify all the parts.

Knowing what to do (and what not to do) when installing equipment can make all the difference in treatment.

Below, Terapiacpap offers you some tips.

  • First be sure to place the equipment on a horizontal, stable surface, where it is not covered by books or clothing. The bedside table would be a good place.
  • Place it close enough to you so that you can reach the controls when you are lying down.
  • Leave enough space around the equipment and make sure it is not too close to a wall or heater.

In our patient care centers we will configure the equipment to your specific needs. We will teach you how to use it properly and give you all the information to make it ready for use. You can see and try all our masks and accessories to choose the one that best suits you with the help of our clinical team.

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