Benefits of breathing therapy

The main benefits that people who undergo expert respiratory physiotherapy notice are:

Increases lung capacity.

Facilitates the drainage of secretions.

Decreases the sensation of dyspnea.

Increases physical endurance.

You can have greater autonomy to carry out daily activities.

Reduces the use of medication.

Diagnosis of respiratory physiotherapy

To diagnose the patient, the respiratory physiotherapist carries out a preliminary evaluation to assess the patient’s clinical history, to find out if the patient has pain, dyspnoea or expectoration. He also assesses the condition of the rib cage, mobility, type of breathing and rhythm. It also performs auscultation to identify the different respiratory sounds. It also assesses the respiratory musculature to rule out possible muscular weaknesses in the inspiratory or expiratory musculature and the presence of the use of respiratory musculature as compensation.

With this prior assessment and any complementary tests that the patient may have, such as spirometry, stress test, blood gas analysis or chest X-ray, the respiratory physiotherapist will establish the most appropriate treatment for the patient.


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