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Distilled/deionised CPAP water


Distilled/deionised water specifically for use in the CPAP humidifier.

Available in 1L bottle or 5L. container.

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Intended use: batteries, solutions, irons, aquariums, autoclaves, industry.

Sectors: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Veterinary, Automotive, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Industrial cleaning, etc.


Results of microbiological and physical-chemical parameters
Parameters Results Units / Method
pH 5,0-7,5 Unidades pH
Conductivity ≤ 4,3 μS/cm
Chlorides <0,5 mg/L
Sulphates <0,5 mg/L
Silica <1,1 mg/L
Nitrates <5,0 mg/L
Total dissolved solids (TDS) <1,0 mg/L
Total organic carbon (TOC) <0,5 mg/L
Magnesium <0,25 mg/L
Iron <50,0 µg/L
Potassium <0,50 mg/L
Ammonium <0,15 mg/L
Micro-organism count 30/35°C <100 Ufc/ml
Calcium <5,0 mg/L
Evaporation residue <1,0 mg/L
Sodium <5,0 mg/L


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Three years from the date of packaging on the packaging supplied to the customer. The production date is the date assigned to the day batch produced and consists of 4 digits, the first three of which correspond to the day of packaging in Julian format and the fourth to the last digit of the current year. The conditions of the water will be maintained if it is properly stored and free from possible external contamination.