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PARI BOY Classic


Efficient inhalation system for the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases (chronic and acute). From 4 years of age.

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PARI LC SPRINT Nebuliser with PIF Control – Patented System
PARI nebulisers are equipped with the PIF Control System.
The PIF Control System is a sensory feedback system for the patient that automatically limits the flow of inhaled air (PIF = Peak Inspiratory Flow). If the patient breathes in too quickly, the valve decreases the size of the nebuliser chamber opening. The patient perceives this as resistance; it is a warning signal to breathe in more slowly for the rest of the session. In this way the PIF Control System teaches the patient to breathe in slowly and in a controlled manner to achieve effective lung deposition of the drug.


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Alternating current: 220 – 240 V, 50 Hz,
Pressure: 1.6 bar
Weight: 1.7 kg
Housing dimensions: 18.5 x 13 x 15 cm (L x H x W)