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Philips NightBalance


Treatment for Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea*. An effective and non-invasive alternative for those who suffer from the symptoms of sleep apnea when sleeping on their backs. NightBalance emits gentle vibrations that will cause you to change position while you sleep, without interfering with your sleep. When you change position, apneas and annoying snoring will disappear.

Rent your NightBalance for € 2.15 per day or €64.50 per month. Click on the image to contact us and learn more about the rental conditions.

*If you have doubts about whether NightBalance is suitable for your case, contact us for advice.

NightBalance User Manual

Brochure NightBalance

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First, the clinically proven alternative to CPAP for obstructive positional sleep apnea is designed to provide the patient with excellent comfort, convenience and acceptance. For this reason, it is essential that the treatment is easier to comply with.

What the case contains:

  • NightBalance Device
  • Hard Case
  • Chest fixing tape
  • Charging station
  • Charging cable

Warranty: 2 years (sensor and base station)
Weight: Sensor: 30g (1.1oz)
Weight: Thoracic belt: 62 g (2.2 oz)
Package dimensions: 8 x 6.85 x 2.75 inches


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The AHI index during polysomnography with the NightBalance was not markedly different from a clinical perspective from that of positive airway pressure therapy.

Significantly higher treatment compliance.
Adherence to treatment with NightBalance was significantly higher than with positive airway pressure in patients diagnosed with positional OSA.

Data-driven results.
You can access compliance and positional sleep data through a cloud-based streaming system.

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