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Dolores de cabeza asociados a la apnea del sueño

Sleep apnea with other illnesses

Headaches and sleep apnea What are morning headaches and what are their causes? There are several causes that can cause headache or headache when waking up: having insomnia, suffering from snoring and sleep apnea, bruxism, using the wrong pillow, sleeping in the wrong position, drinking alcohol or taking certain medications before bed. How does sleep apnea influence morning headaches? Oxygen desaturation fluctuations during the night and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome make headache one of its daytime symptoms. Patients suffering from these pathologies usually complain...

Comprar un concentrador de oxígeno en Terapiacpap mejora la calidad de vida de los pacientes, mientras reciben terapia.

What is an oxygen concentrator and what is it used for?

The oxygen concentrator is a medical device that provides low-flow oxygen therapy to patients with respiratory failure. The oxygen concentrator is a device for patients who require this treatment at home. Oxygen machines take in ambient air and transform it into pure oxygen which, by filtering out nitrogen, causes the air breathed through these medical devices to contain a higher percentage of oxygen than the 21% normally found in the environment. The absorbed air is compressed inside and pumped out already transformed...


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