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iHealth Fit smart body composition scale


Tracking your weight and body composition data

iHealth Fit is a Bluetooth smart scale that measures your weight and calculates/estimates different body composition data such as BMI, body fat indices, lean body mass, muscle mass, bone mass, body fluids and your visceral fat index. Follow your results on your screen or on your smartphone with the iHealth MyVitals app.

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Scales that tell you everything you need to know
The iHealth Fit connected body analysis scale measures your weight, calculates your body fat and displays it on a backlit screen. Thanks to its new ITO technology, this scale also calculates/estimates/your BMI and different body masses, so you can better understand how your weight is distributed. With its refined design and elegant shape, the iHealth Fit scale will look great in your bathroom.

iHealth Fit calculates 6 different masses, thanks to the four electrodes located under its feet:
Body fat expressed as a percentage, calculated from the amount of fat in proportion to your body weight.
Lean body mass expressed in kilos, calculated by subtracting the amount of fat from your total body weight.
Body fluids expressed as a percentage of your total body mass, indicating the total amount of fluids present in your body.
Muscle mass expressed in kilograms, indicating the weight of the muscles in the body.
Bone mass expressed in kilograms, indicating the weight of the bones in your body.
Visceral mass expressed as an index: fats found in the abdominal cavity surrounding your vital organs.
Using an algorithm, the scale calculates an estimate of your optimal daily calorie intake.


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Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
Dimensions: 306 mm × 306 mm × 26.6 mm
Weight: 1850 g
Memory: 8 users; 500 measurements per user
Power: 4* AAA 1.5V batteries
Range: System: Weight: 5kg-180kg / Body fat: 5%-65% Body fat: 5%-65% Body weight: 5kg-180kg
Resolution: 0.1kg
Operating conditions: Temp.: 5°C ~ 40°C, Humidity: 20-85% RH
Transport and storage conditions: Temp.: -20 °C ~ 55 °C, humidity: ≤90% RH