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Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light HF3650/01


The Sleep and Wake-up Light helps you relax and wake up refreshed. With customised sunlight settings and light-guided breathing. From the sleep experts and creators of the world’s leading Wake-up Light.

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The Wake-up Light that helps you sleep

Go to sleep relaxed and wake up refreshed

Simulated sunrise and sunset
RelaxBreathe to sleep
Multiple lights and sounds
Midnight light


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Simulates a natural sunrise so you wake up feeling refreshed

Light-guided breathing helps you relax before sleep

Sunset simulation prepares your body for sleep

Choose the sound or music you want to wake up to

Select the brightness level that’s right for you

Soft light guides you in the dark

Just touch the top of the product to activate the snooze alarm

Multi-level touch screen for easy control of the device

Modern design that adds style to your bedroom

The Wake-up Light is clinically tested for performance