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AirSleep, Sleep Monitoring




Your AirSense equipment connects every morning with our software, and the clinical department can analyze your sleep data (use, pressure, leakage, apnea…)

Our specialized clinical staff:

  • Monitor and monitor the effectiveness of your therapy
  • Telephone contact with your referring clinician to resolve doubts and incidents
  • Reconfiguring your remote equipment parameters
  • Access to AirSleep, our patient tracking app
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A person who does not sleep satisfactorily feels tired, distracted and lacks energy. Resting well is a pillar of our health.

AirSleep by TerapiaCPAP is the app for (iOS / Android) created specifically for users of ResMed devices for the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring, designed as a personal assistant of your sleep therapy. With our method of patient follow-up the user is an active agent in therapy

Understand and understand the data extracted from your treatment team so they can autonomously take action to better adapt!

AirSleep only works with ResMed devices, sleep data capable devices designed by the world’s leading provider of online connected health solutions, helping to keep you monitored and informed.

Note: This app is not compatible with S7, S8 and S9 devices without streaming module.

What will you receive from the AirSleep app?

  • Link as many equipment and masks as you have to your account.
  • Day-to-day registration of usage data, mask sealing, events…
  • Gamification of data to stimulate users to overcome
  • Analysis of the evolution over time of the patient and his therapy
  • Your referring doctor’s access to your sleep data*
  • Provides information and tips to improve the values obtained
  • Video tutorials, PUSH messages
  • Generate reports yourself and download, save or submit them
  • Specific reports for patients and doctors (Evolutionary and Statistical)
  • Renew your driving license with our specific DGT report
  • Travel certificates to avoid customs problems
  • Direct communication channel with TerapiaCPAP (Appointments, doubts …)

Note: In order for your doctor to have access to your data, you need access to AirSleep Management software.

Language: Spanish, English and Portuguese

Learn more about AirSleep on www.airsleep.es and the devices supported by the app on https://tienda.terapiacpap.com/categoria-producto/autocpap/



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