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Apex Stationary Concentrator


Stationary continuous flow concentrator for patients requiring high demand oxygen therapy at home. This stationary concentrate provides oxygen at 95.5% purity and flow up to 5 L/min.

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Stationary Oxygen Concentrator

The Apex continuous oxygen concentrator has several alarms to warn the patient in case of failure. For added patient safety, it has a compressor pressure relief valve. It also has a timer with automatic shut-off to adjust the time of use. In addition, the display shows the patient the current and cumulative usage time.


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Dimensions (L x W x H) 39 x 24.5 x 24.5 x 50 cm
Weight : 15,5 kg
Operating mode : Continuous flow
Max. flow 5L/ min
Flow range 0~5L/min in continuous operation
Max. flow change at 7kPa suction pressure <0,5L/min
Oxygen concentration 93% ± 3% and 95.5% ~ 87% Oxygen concentration 93% ± 3% and 95.5% ~ 87% Oxygen concentration 93% ± 3% and 95.5% ~ 87%.
Output pressure 20 ~ 50 kPa and 40 ~ 70 kPa
Average sound level 48dB front end and 52dB full unit
Minimum operating time 30 minutes
Warranty Concentrator 2 years