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DreamWear CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask (all sizes)

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Don’t know which size to choose? Do you like to change sizes to relieve the contact areas on your nose? With this pack you have all pillow cushion sizes included in your nasal mask. With the freedom and comfort of DreamWear gel pillows, you can sleep the way you want!

Also available without pillow pack in sizes S, M, L.


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DreamWear nasal mask

Choose the right cushion so that the blue gel base of the cushion rests comfortably under the nose without leaving any gaps. Only the soft silicone tip should be inserted into the nostrils.

By passing the tube over the top, the DreamWear gel pads offer freedom of movement during the night. You don’t need to decide on a sleeping position when wearing DreamWear* gel pillows.

DreamWear pillow mask features

Reduces discomfort to the face, nose and nostrils.

Modular design for quick cleaning and assembly, with interchangeable cushions and nasal pillows.

Fine line harness

Soft material wraps

Provides soft contact on the face.

Soft flexible frame

The flexible, air-flowing material sits softly against the skin and is pleasant to wear.

Open design offers a very wide field of vision

Open design makes it easy to wear glasses, read, watch TV and use a computer or tablet before falling asleep.

DreamWear gives you the option to choose the cushions that are most comfortable for you, giving you more freedom of movement and a better quality of sleep.


What’s included in this pack:

1 DreamWear Nasal Pillow Mask with Medium support frame.

1 Nasal Pillow in each size (S, M, L).

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