CPAP masks

The CPAP mask is the functional element that is used in the face to breathe, covering the nose or mouth-nose and to be able to perform CPAP therapy (continuous positive airway pressure for its acronym in English) helping to improve breathing while sleeping.
Its use is very practical and its function is to seek an improvement in sleep apnea and snoring.
Types of CPAP mask
There are six types of masks that will help us achieve the comfort we are looking for and rest properly. Each type serves to adapt to our way of sleeping and notice the minimum discomfort.

Face Masks
Nasal masks
Hospital Masks
Nasal Pillow Masks
Non Vented Masks

What is the best mask for sleep apnea?

Choosing the best CPAP mask most comfortable for each of us is very important, so we get the correct operation and the best possible result.
There is no “ONE” better snoring and apnea mask. There will be one, which is comfortable and functional.
We offer you help for the correct choice:

Guide to know which one is correct

  • Consult your doctor to find out what your appropriate size will be.
    Define what type of mask you want to wear (within the three possible types)
  • Try on the mask when you have a quiet moment, while you are awake to start getting used to it. This way he will be able to do it little by little.
  • Avoid leaks, the mask must be well adjusted so that air does not reach the eyes or cause irritation because it moves.
  • If your mouth is dry while sleeping, it will help to wear a nasal mask and humidifier that connects to the positive pressure machine.
  • With the passage of days and its use will make you get used to it. Patience is recommended.

Features to consider when choosing a CPAP mask

Comfort: it must be adapted to our way of sleeping, whether face down, sideways or because we simply move a lot in bed.
Materials: it must be made of materials such as gel or silicone that prevent chafing or redness.
Design: minimalist design can help when it comes to comfort and practicality at the time of rest.
Noise: the air outlet (excess that we do not inhale) must be found away from the ears.
Weight: The size of the mask and the materials influence the total weight.
Adjustability: your straps must allow a correct fit.
Field of View: when using it to read or watch TV will be a point to take into account

CPAP Team Mask: Prices

In we have different price ranges to buy CPAP masks, which can help you choose the model you are looking for. Among the types of masks you can find different brands, which each of them will offer different options for
its fit and practicality.
If you have doubts, do not hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help!